Ways to mentor kids for a successful life!

Positive Thinking

Successful parenting is deliberate and intentional

Much of a child’s success down to the parents. While there are no perfect parents in this world, but by being real parents can lead their children to success. Your experience is the greatest teacher for your children. While there is no correct formula for good parenting, psychology suggests various factors that contribute in a child’s success. Here’s what parents do to ensure their children’s success.

  1. Make children do daily chores

Daily Chores

Assigning chores from a young age, nurtures a sense of responsibility and self-reliance in children. Children participating in daily errands grow on to become empathic as they are well-versed with struggle. They are also highly independent while working and also tend to work efficiently in a team environment.

  1. Appreciation of efforts over failures

Parents of successful children value effort. They do not see failure as a lack of intelligence in their children but as an enlightening experience. They develop this idea in their children’s mind that their success is a result of their effort and understanding from their failures.

  1. Cultivate social skills in children

Social skills are equally important as intellect is in today’s world. Cultivating social skills at a young age helps a child to learn how to be accommodating in peer relationships. It also ensures effective communication while growing up and a sense of compassion without instigation. Socially equipped children are very likely to achieve success at a younger age.

  1. Expectations from children

Having high but realistic expectations from children is essential as it sets them in the direction of success. Parents usually set an achievable bar for their children to keep them directed towards their goals. This starts preparing them for the competitive environment they are going to face in future.

  1. Develop tenacity in children

A child must have a fighting spirit in order to succeed in life. Encouraging children to keep trying difficult things with determination develops a “Can Do” attitude in them. Perseverance should be taught early on so that children do not give up to obstacles in achieving their goals. This trait encourages children to work hard when things do not go the way they expected.

  1. A sense of self and independence in children

Over- protecting your child may hinder his growth and may result in a loss of direction. Integrating a strong sense of self in children would make them more committed towards their goals and boost their confidence. Children who can identify their own strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes are more likely to be successful.

  1. Firm, fair and friendly

Misbehavior and misconduct should be dealt with properly by parents. Punishments are necessary for restraining unwanted behavior but the communication should be both firm and friendly. Harsh punishments are unnecessary and inculcate fear in a child. At the same time, coddling a child and excessive pampering would never let them become strong and independent.