Reviews of Jagga Jasoos


Are you planning to watch this movie on your weekend? Wait before spending the money, you must know is it worth to spend your money and time on it. I know you want some change as you are getting bored by your daily routine, but a wrong movie spoils your mood even more. Let’s see this movie is up to your mark or not.

Overview of JJ: As you already watch the trailer, they are going to search something. It is a scout adventures movie in which the main character looking for his lost father.

Screenplay:  well it structured as a chapter of a comic book, it uses a room full of children and the teacher (Katrina) is telling a story. Moreover, Katrina acts as a story teller.

The movie has exciting bits of music which you might enjoy, the tone of Jagga Investigative method is perfectly choreographed.  You laugh some of the situations which are good enough in the terms of comedy. Are you like rhyming? If yes, you might love the dialogues which have the rhyme. You enjoy the rational songs like “Ullu la paththa” and “galti se mistake”.  You enjoy one of the interesting chases between Jagga and intelligence officer in the second half.

 Can you guess who makes you laugh throughout the movie? I know you say obviously- Ranbir Kapoor. He entertains you with his funny nature or jerk by being gloomy. Katrina adds little fun but she act like sidekick to Jagga.

Box-Office Collection:  You know movie didn’t earn as much they are going to expect on first day , the collection of first day end up with Rs.8.25 crore to 8.50 crore approx. Ranbir and Katrina have high expectations from the direction of Anurag Basu. According to them, movie is doing great business in this week.

 Hope you have better knowledge of the movie now, so it’s totally up to you , you want to go this romantic comedy movie mould with investigation or do something else on your weekend. Have a good day.