Things to know about Bahubali Movie Series

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The movie is a piece of art in a true sense, right from its visuals to architecture and to the war sequences. Bahubali 2 has set numerous records and has left behind all the box office records of Dangal and Sultan. All the viewers were very curious to know “Why did Katappa kill Bahubali?”, so they got that answer too. The movie is the most anticipated movie of the year which has done wonders in impressing the audience and has collected a huge amount of money at box office hence became a great success. Here are some interesting facts you would like to know about Bahubali film series:

Most Watched Indian Trailer

The movie Bahubali 2 trailer got 350 million views in just 1 week of its release and became the Most Watched Trailer ever in India.

The Biggest Poster

Another astonishing fact about Bahubali 2 which will let your mouths open is that the team crafted the largest poster in the history of Indian cinema that was over 50,000 sq. feet big and has entered in the Guinness Book of World Record by making a record.

The Bahubali Franchise amount

The Bahubali movie series has spent a Herculean amount of Rs 400 crore on a number of Herculean types of characters in the movie. The beginning of Bahubali was set with a budget of Rs 250 crore and according to facts and sources; the movie has done the business of Rs 615 crore worldwide.

Time makes a difference

It took about 635 days in the making of the first installment of Bahubali movie series which is the maximum time taken by a film in recent years. A team of over 3000 people came together to make a huge project like this a big success.

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Outstanding Visuals

In a true sense, the movie is a piece of art from all perspectives and over 800 technicians have worked endlessly in art, design and visuals department to make the larger than life visuals in Bahubali 2.

Stunts and Actions: OMG!!

The war sequences of Bahubali look so real and remarkable. This all shows the day and night work done by professionals and teams. Above all more than 2000 stuntmen and elephants were used for these war sequences of Bahubali 2. This fact in itself is tremendous for any Bollywood movie.

Silver screening

Bahubali 2 has been put up on more than 6500 screens and was having millions of advance bookings everywhere which makes it as the most watched movie and hence it has broken all the Box office records.

Bahubali 2 grossed Rs 100 crore on the very day of its release and has broken all the records of the collection of Dangal and Sultan. The Bahubali 2 saga does not end here it will continue and will keep on entertaining you more and more.