30 Ideas for best winter dresses

best winter dresses for girls
Best ideas for winter dress for girls

My winter fashion comprises of a large sweater, lounge pants, softest pair of socks I own and those over sized fluffy bunny slip on shoes. Easy for me as I am a housewife and don’t really need to choose clothes everyday to go out while multi-tasking to stay warm and look chic. The art of clothing in winters is to know what to put together so that you are not too hot, not too cold, but just right! We rummaged through the web for some steal worthy looks to keep you inspired for this cold weather. So pull on your socks, sip on your coffee and enjoy!!!

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Via bittersweetcolours

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 Black skirt and green coat

Perfect for a Christmassy winter Via Brooklynblonde


Pink pop Via sydnestyle

Black all the way!!!

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