Independence Day 2017- PM Modi Addresses The Nation And Youth!


“True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what’s right.”

With the crack of dawn of the 71st Independence Day, celebrations started across the different state of the country. It was an auspicious moment to see the chief ministers of every state unfurling the Tricolour with the proud smile. In the same queue, amid of stringent security arrangements, it was Prime Minister Narendra Modi who addressed the nation at the capital through his Independence Day speech.

Let’s explore the major highlights of the event in brief;

Pledge to a major change

To bring forth a major change, he pleaded to work together in the coming five years and celebrate the 75th year of Independence with India where the poor owns a house and has access to necessities like electricity and water.

He aims toward an India,

  • Where the farmer sleeps in peace after growing an income for two-fold by 2022.
  • Where the young women get opportunities in every field.
  • Where people are free of terrorism, communalism, corruption, dynasty politics, and casteism.
  • Where there exists the clean and healthy state of living.

Development everywhere

To take the nation on a new track of development, PM asked the countrymen to join hands for fighting against corruption. Plus, he ensured that the government is paying significant attention to several regions like West Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Odisha and the Northeast, for the bright future of India and the well-being of people. Additionally, there was an assurance to nurture the youngsters to become job creators and not job seekers.

A big no to corruption

With no tolerance to corruption, Modi assured citizens of India that no one will be able to escape. To this, he added that demonetization leads to the recovery of Black money worth Rs 2 lakh crore and also registration of as many as 1.75 lakh companies were canceled. He also added to continue the fight against black money and corruption, making use of technology to bring in more transparency.

Belief in unity

 Another major highlight was the initiative by PM Modi which meant ‘zero’ tolerance to the violence in the name of faith. He repeated the slogan before freedom, ‘Bharat chhodo. And then added that it is now required to be changed to ‘Bharat Jodo’!

On the Kashmir situation, he said that neither gaali (abuse), nor goli (bullet) will bring a change. A big change can be expected when we embrace every Kashmiri. (tweet)

No tolerance to terrorism


Being strict in his words, he said that there is no question of being soft on terrorism or terrorists. He stated that the world is fighting the menace of terror, and all nations are with us in this fight.

Appreciated co-operation

Highlighting the issue of GST, he praised the spirit of cooperative federalism when the nation came together to support the initiative. He asked to leave this ‘Chalta Hai’ attitude and shift to ‘Badal Sakta Hai’ attitude to help nation. Motivating the citizens to bring a positive change in the nation, he stated that 1st January 2018 will not be an ordinary day. He termed the youth to be ‘Bhagya Vidhatas’ of our nation and inspired them to take the country ahead with the determination of creating a ‘New India’.

In the end, he thanked every women and man who worked hard for India’s freedom.

Finally, he concluded his speech with chants of “Bharat Mata Ki Jai … Vande Mataram … Jai Hind”