How To Fight Hair Fall In Monsoon


People love rain, but rain doesn’t love your hair!

As the monsoon comes, people enjoy the rain while showering but it leads to hair fall. You get depressed when you see your hair falling down because rain destroys not only your hair but it affects your scalp and causes dandruff too. The reason behind the hair fall is- “Due to excess humidity in the air to the monsoon season”.

Credits: Pixabay

Well, don’t worry you can use these tips to prevent hair fall in monsoon.

  • Quit stylish hairstyle: Humidity in the air during rain get combined with chemicals used in styling products may lead to hair damage.
  • Eat healthy diet – enrich in protein:  You should eat green vegetables, whole grain, carrots, nuts, kidney beans and low-fat dairy products which are rich in protein. Protein helps to strengthen the follicles of your hair which prevent hair fall during monsoon.
  • Don’t comb wet hair:  When wet hair gets combed, it weakens the root shafts and results in hair fall. So to prevent hair fall you should not tie your wet hairs or comb your wet hairs.
  • Drink enough water:  As we know water solve almost every dangerous disease of the human body, it proves its goodness in strong hairs too. Drinking enough water makes your hair healthy and strong. Make a habit of drinking a 10-12 glass of water daily.
  • Mild shampoo: You can use mild shampoo during monsoon. Use of harsh shampoo damages your hair even more. To restore the beauty of healthy hair, use a mild shampoo like dove , panteen etc helps to prevent damage of your hair.
  • Use of conditioner:  Excessive humidity during monsoon is a warning to save your hair from hair fall. Use of mild conditioner after shampoo helps to save hair on your head. Conditioner nourishes your hair, it weakens the effect of humidity during monsoon.
  • Dryness of hair: Keep your hair dry it reduces the chances of damage and breakage of hair due to excessive humidity. Dry hair during monsoon prevent hair damage or you can say it helps to prevent hair fall.Our ancestors also told us some home remedies to prevent hair fall during monsoon, hair adds the beauty of a human being. Without hair human look like an incomplete version of the human creature. You can also use home remedies to prevent hair fall.
  • Drink Aloe Vera Juice:  Aloe Vera rich in alkaline properties which manage the ph level of your hair which directly promotes your hair strength and helps to the growth of hair.
  • Fenugreek: Fenugreek is also known as “methi seeds” which helps to recover the damage caused by humidity. The fenugreek enriches in hormone antecedents which deal with dead hair follicles. Soak one cup of fenugreek in a water overnight, next morning make a paste of fenugreek with the help grinder, apply on your hairs and cover your head with a cap or something. Wash your hair after 45 minutes.Hope you enjoy this monsoon without hair fall. Having healthy hair is a dream of every human.

Hope you enjoy this monsoon without hair fall. Having healthy hair is a dream of every human being.