This Monsoon Say GOOD-BYE To All The Skin Problems


Aha! Monsoon, I think it is admired by everyone as I like it very much. After all, it comes after a long phase of a summer season. When rain washes away summer’s heat, they bring in a new way of jubilation. Monsoon is the Exemplary way to tender goodbye to summer. But what about the tons of infections, it gets along with it, given to its moist and humid weather? Well, its inevitable. As it has both advantages as well as disadvantage, and then it up to us to embrace it and make the foremost use of it. Apart from the imprudent humidity, it’s also the time of various Skin issues which show its displeasing fangs. Bacterial, Fungal, Viral and Parasitic infections are frequent during monsoon, due to excessive sweating, dehydration, photo-toxic outcomes of the sun, & of course humidity.

Here are some common skin complications along with some convenient tips to counter the infections during monsoon.

1. Rashes:-

This is typically common due to liberal sweating in excess of humidity during the monsoon Especially among the infants and children. The repeated complaint is small red raised bumps with harsh itching and stinging sensation.

2. Allergies:-

It is extremely frequent especially in metro cities, where pollution levels are sky- high. Hands, feet, upper back are most commonly affected areas. Most often cause cannot become aware of, as allergies have multiple origins. Though to find out the real offender is very important in such cases, but the use of Antihistamines are the mainstay of care in allergies.

The people’s with an oily skin will face a host of problems in monsoon due to excessive humidity in the environment, as their sebaceous glands become overactive secreting more oil. Dull and oily looking skin, blackheads, acne are most common during monsoon.

3. Scabies:-

Is also caused by a mite infestation during monsoon. The most repeated symptoms would be body itching, bumps, and rashes on hands, wrists and public areas. One must consult a Doctor instantly on such emission.

4. Warts(Verrucae) :-

Also might be another issue which gets active due to viral infection on the skin & has to unfasten instantly to the doctor because it might be removed with a laser as it spreads fast.

5. Eczema:-

In which the skin becomes flaky, itchy, scaly and reddish. It may have blood or liquid collection underneath prior it erupts out. It can affect the elbows, neck, and other commonly uncover areas. It can happen due to both genetic as well as environmental factors such as temperature and Humidity. The best prevention for it would be to keep yourself dry and in fresh clothes.

6. Hyperpigmentation:-

One more problem usually signalizes by dark patches on skin mostly on the face.It occurs when the sun trigger melanocytes and they become hyperactive. Sometimes it can also occur due to over-production of melanin in our body.It can only be prevented by restraining the sun exposure, but not possible for everyone to limit it, and for those people, there are medications and laser therapies accessible in the market to treat hyperpigmentation.

Some best skin care tips during the monsoon

  • The Skin of the whole body should be kept clean and dry.
  • Wash your face almost 3-4 times a day to get void of the infections.
  • Have vitamin C, vitamin E and omega 3 in your diet. This would help you nourish your Skin from inside and helps the skin to build reluctance to these infections.
  • Have lots of water and keep your body hydrated.
  • Curd and gram flour (Besan), when mixed with little bit of turmeric (Haldi), can be an excellent disinfectant.
  • Use of facials and bleaching make the skin rough during rains, hence should be circumvented or at slightest limited.
  • Use of tea tree oil on the streamlined basis, most of the monsoon complications can be Avoided.
  • Stay away from using heavy chemicals cleansing products.
  • Use warm water instead of cold water to clean the body after coming home from outside during monsoon.

During monsoon, special and extra care is needed for the skin, & A little change in the way you take care of it could have positive repercussions on you throughout the monsoon, and then you can thank me later!