North India Gets It First Bone Bank From Dr. MSG – 2.5 Million Donated For The Noble Cause!


“Are your joints damaged by arthritis? Or you are suffering from some severe joint diseases or injuries?”

If yes, then there are good chances that doctor can advise you for a bone replacement surgery. Actually, arthritis or simply years of use of joints can cause them to wear away. This further can lead to pain, stiffness, swelling, and many more problems. Damage and diseases, altogether limit blood flow to joints, making them incapable of working! And here arises the need of joint replacement surgery, which means-

‘Removal of a damaged joint and putting in a new one’

But now the problem is from where to get a new joint?

When you get short of money, what you do? Simply, you consider help from a bank. But now when you or someone close to you, need a bone joint, where will you get it? Is there any BONE BANK in India?

Well, the good news is that now Northern India is getting its FIRST BONE BANK, and all thanks to Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. Yes, the multiple personalities has initiated with the noble cause, donating a hefty amount of 2.5 Million Rupees for this venture. This kind gesture has been made to celebrate the success of his latest blockbuster Jattu Engineer.

It is worth noticing that earlier to this, Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh JiInsanhas donated the earnings of his previous releases for various good works. It includes;

  • Research on Thalassemia
  • Treating HIV patients
  • Establishing a skin bank for burnt and acid attacked victims
  • And now in the same queue comes the BONE BANK

The Saint is the renowned dignitary, who has hit the silver screen with 5 Block Buster Movies so far. To the list of his philanthropic programs, now this Bone Bank is going to be a major milestone in the health figures of the nation. The best part is that following the footsteps of Saint Dr. MSG, Hakikat Entertainment, the production hours of Jattu Engineer also donated the same amount, i.e. 2.5 Million Rupees for this cause.

The Saint, in the presence of million followers, presented the amount to the team of doctors who will be heading this Bone Bank. On the same day, it was also announced and pleaded by the Guru Ji himself to fill out the pledge forms for donating bones after death. Donated bones will be transplanted owing to cancer, infection or any other injury. And before retrieval, these bones will be tested for HIV, hepatitis or any other infection too.

The Shortage Of ‘Bones’ is a reason to worry!

Do you know the first bone bank has opened at the Tamil Nadu Hospital in Chennai in 1997? Later, a cadaver bone bank was launched at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). However, just after its inception in 1999, the bank had been facing a scarcity of bone donors. Yes, it has recorded just about 13 cadaver donations till September 2011 only.

You will be surprised to know that the bank has received just two donations in 2011, one in 2010 and none in 2009. Aren’t the figures surprising?

While the bone donation is yet to catch up among Indians, the arrival of Bone Bank by Saint Dr. MSG brings new hope for those need a new bone joint to replace or fix their damaged parts.