10 Lessons to Learn from Nature for a Fulfilling Life


“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” ~ Gary Snyder

Live as if there is no tomorrow


There are many flies and bugs that live just for 24 hours and not more! That is their total life span! But if you see them, they will be so happy and merrily dance around with the other beings of their species, play, enjoy, eat joyously, love and literally live for the day till the moment they die!

Many times we put things off because we feel there is not enough time. We’re too old to go back to school, too old to learn something new, too old for a new hobby; there may not be a tomorrow. Other times we put things off thinking we have plenty of time. Why hurry to finish school when you have your whole life ahead of you?

Why take on that book you want to write, or that painting you want to draw, or those words you wanted to tell someone, when you have your whole life ahead of you; there’s always tomorrow. If you haven’t begun enjoying the moment, thinking there would be many more, you might as well be a mindless drone, whose only purpose is to work so others can enjoy life. If you stop learning, thinking there were not enough moments, you’ll never appreciate the new wonders of the world. You’ll be known as that old person who lives in the past. Well, there are too many old idiots in this world. Don’t be another one. Forget about dying, and live like there’s no tomorrow and learn as if your life depended on it. Live and let live!

Heal yourself

Starfish are famous for their ability to regrow lost arms, and sometimes, even entire bodies, according to National Geographic.

Meditation – where you literally do ‘nothing’ – has the ability to cure severe migraine, acute depression, and even heal a broken heart! The right food, the right exercise, the right medications, the right relationships -all these can help support your healing process, but not unless you intentionally cause them to. Your conscious, intentional mind (which is separate from, though connected to, your subconscious mind and nervous system) is the key to your self-healing.

Science has shown that it’s never too late to take care of yourself. You can start exercising, eating well and monitoring your mental health at any age to see a health boost.

Whenever you choose, you can heal — physically, mentally or emotionally.

You matter


From ground fungus to towering trees, from freshwater fish to the bears that eat them, each animal or plant has its own place in the ecosystem. This biodiversity “allows us to live healthy and happy lives,” according to the National Wildlife Federation, adding that, “Biodiversity is an important part of ecological services that make life livable on Earth.

Learning why you matter puts life in a different perspective. Unfortunately, most people are well advanced in age by the time they unravel this important truth. Don’t be fooled. You don’t matter just because you have a spouse. You don’t matter because you have an important job. You certainly don’t matter because you have a lot of money. You don’t matter because you happen to be drop-dead gorgeous. No, it’s something different from all that–very different. So let’s take a blunt, no-excuses look at one of life’s most profound truths: why you matter.

Wherever you live and whatever you do, you are part of your own ecosystem. What you do, only matters.

Strength in adversity

Have you ever pruned or cut back a plant only to wonder whether you ever actually did, because now the greenery has exploded into an amazing array? I used to be reluctant to cut any plants back until someone told me that they actually ‘like’ it. I suppose its nature’s fight for survival; you cut it so it puts even greater energy into growing more.

By examining the importance of how one chooses to look at failure, it is essential to explore the role that it has in resilience and how you can strengthen your own level of resilience. Failure, as well as resilience can manifest itself both in your career. Life is full of adversity but that does not mean it is is ever completely out of your control. Even if life can make you feel desperate or lost, these moments also present a monumental opportunity for growth.

Nature could decide to give in and plants could just shrivel up and die. But they don’t. In life, when things seem tough, we usually have two choices: give in or give more. Choose to mirror nature and decide to face problems rather than run from them.


Nature is pretty hard to stop. Weeds and grass grow with dogged determination (much to the frustration of the lazy or time-pressed gardener). Many baby birds and other young offspring grow up against a huge number of odds; they are determined to survive.


If we have determination and will power for one defined goal in life then nothing can stop us to achieve success. Though, in some people this quality is infused by God and some have to develop it by practice, but if we have this then nothing can stop us to succeed in life. Though one thing is clear that the type of achievement depends upon the goal you have defined for yourself and your determination. Also, one should always remember that the journey of life is not smooth, failures are part of it and we should learn from the failures rather than cribbing over the situation. Once you are determined and have disciplined your mind you will see a great transformation in yourself.

With determination, it doesn’t matter how fast (or slowly) you move through life. If you are determined, if you have a goal and a plan to reach that goal, you’re already a long way towards it.


One thing nature does really well is working together. Bees and flowers are just one of the many examples of this. Bees collect nectar from flowers to make their honey while the flowers get a good deal out of it by their pollen being spread by their furry winged companions.

You might be a real people person or perhaps you prefer your own space. Either way, the world is one huge partnership of human beings. Collaboration enhances brain storming. It allows you to think more and come up with better ideas and concepts. Collaboration also makes you learn your mistakes. If you have an idea and you share it with the others, they might point out the flaws in your plans and make you see the good and the bad side of your plans allowing you to correct your mistakes. It makes you pretty responsible too.


There are so many things that we simply could not do without the help of others. Look around you; everything you see has been thought of by a human, designed by a human, made by a human (okay, perhaps with the help of a machine, but still). I find that thought pretty amazing.

Open Up (No matter what is INSIDE You)

Flowers bloom regardless of the looks of their faces, no matter their true colors. Although the faces that flowers display are physical and visual only, every human being owes it to oneself to open up and fully embrace one’s uniqueness — to accept, appreciate, and maximize who you are on the inside.

Every person is completely unique, both in physical appearance and in personality. Through opening up — no matter what is on the inside — we can learn a vast amount about ourselves. When you’re feeling jealous, happy, anxious or sad why not share with other people what you’re really feeling. We call this being congruent. That is letting what shows, your expression, frown, words represent what you actually feel and think. You have the power to change things by being open and sharing things.

Stand Tall (Despite Fall)

Flowers grow to their highest height, in spite of the fact that come winter, they shall wither and die. Flowers grow, live, and thrive regardless of their finiteness; their mortality. No different, we as human beings will all encounter the inevitable.


No matter how much good you do in your life, there will always be someone standing on the sideline trying to tear you down … Don’t let that discourage you from where you are today, and where you want to be in the future.

You may not have it all together yet, but you are probably taking steps in the right direction. You may slip, but as with all things you dust yourself off, acknowledge your fall, and continue to grow. Do not depend on what others think of you to validate yourself. Grow strong and stand tall. Become the best “you” that you can be. Hold your head up and embrace your past and the life lessons that nature provides us: bloom into your fullest and most vibrant of colors, because without your past you would not be who you are TODAY.

Respect Cycles

Cycles are a part of life. Daily cycles, seasonal cycles, and cycles of birth and death. Nature has an inherent understanding of these things and it offers no resistance to them. Flowers seem happy to wither away, as if they know they will nourish the soil and allow a newer one to rise up in their place.

The lesson to learn here is that nothing lasts. All things pass away. Always give importance to things that you hold in your hand and you have right now. Do not waste a moment and try maximizing the time, the effort and all the things that you have today because tomorrow might not be as good as today.

Whatever you are experiencing now is merely the precursor to what you will be experiencing next. The cold winter nights always turn into the warm spring sun… and back again. So give importance and treasure whatever it is that you have today, as NOTHING LASTS FOREVER!

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