Every Girl should know these Lifesaving Tips for Emergency


Imagine if a few of our daily habits were really compromising our security?  We all know women are not to blame for awful assaults and kidnappings, but we still should ensure we are doing everything within our ability to remain safe. Share these life-saving tips with all the girls you know, because sharing is caring!

  • Broadcasting your house address online and sharing locations on Instagram and Twitter could compromise your security. Do not check on Facebook if you arrive some place. This way nobody will have the ability to stalk you and understand your every movement or when you are not home.  Along the very same lines, prevent tweeting or Facebooking from holiday, particularly if your accounts are public since it is a means of letting the world understand that your house is unoccupied.
  • When walking by yourself, eliminate your mobile phone. A whole lot of folks believe being on the telephone is secure because the individual on the other line may call 911, but seldom works out.  Chatting can divert you; it is far better to know about your environment.
  • If walking on your own, hold your mobile phone and get prepared to generate an emergency telephone. Go 1 step farther and preset among those buttons on your telephone to phone the emergency number.
  • Look underneath your car before coming it at a parking garage or even in the night time.
  • In case you find someone stalking you, back away. Return to where you came from (restaurant, shop, etc.) and call for support.  Once help arrives, approach your vehicle.  If a person comes around you (even if they’re a girl) and wishes to provide aid, kindly say, “No thank you”  If a guy, he is a predator.  If a girl, she could function as lurer. So Beware.
  • When traveling, don’t walk along with your map in your own hand. It’s a dead giveaway that you’re a tourist.  Consequently, you’re a simple target.
  • When asking for addresses on the streets if somebody offers to show you the manner by having you follow along with, don’t go. Many times, predators only need to get you to some location less crowded in which your screams can not be heard.
  • If somebody tries to grab you, then twist your arm down and up and shout, “Stop!”
  • If a person is chasing after you, then run off in a zigzag pattern.
  • Arm yourself with confidence, learning martial arts or other self-defense technique can help you wear the confidence all across your way.

Women Safety is the first and the foremost. Every girl should acquire life-saving skills like martial arts from some professional s to face any kind of difficulties with courage. There are many organizations like Youth Veerangnayein (Headquarters in Delhi) that have female trainers to impart the basic safety techniques and martial arts. Moreover, Delhi Police has also started Sashakti Program to make females self-dependent and Strong. This kind of acts really prove helpful and can save many from being harassed.